What will it cost me to train with Karen?

biceps curlDid you ever want to work with apersonal trainer, but couldn't afford one? Well, I think everyone should be able to work with a trainer on some level. So, all of my programs are value-priced.

Group training class prices.

Each group training class is $14 per person. There are up to six people in the group weight-training and the group cardio classes. There are only five spots available in the yoga classes.

You do not have to gather several other people to come with you – just pick the classes from my calendar that work best for you and call me to schedule them today!Only $14 for an hour of personal training!

All group training classes have pre-written programs; you will not receive a private program in the group classes. I write all of the group class training programs myself.

bicep curlPrivate session prices.

Hitek Training's private students do not share me for their hour of training - it is theirs alone. The fee for one hour of private training with me in my studio is $55 per hour.

If you would like me to come to your home to train you, there will be a travel charge added to your training fee (based on my $55 per hour fee).

If you would like a program written for you, there is a fee for designing your custom program. Your very first program takes the longest for me to set up and write; the first program costs $110. All of your other programs will only cost you $55 each; it is recommended that private students have a new program written for them every eight weeks of training.

Assessment session prices.

It is a good idea to consider having an Assessment session prior to the start of your training no matter what kind of student you choose to become at Hitek Training. The fee for an assessment session is $55.

ball exerciseIt's a great way to set a baseline for your training. Many students have periodic assessments to compare the data, and actually see their progress!

The Private Intro Pack!

I developed a special private Intro Package for students who are beginning their training with me. You can learn the basics, have an assessment, and prepare your body for training - no matter what form of training you choose to do here at Hitek Training - all in private, one-on-one sessions.

You will get one assessment session plus three private one-hour sessions with me for only $210.

Online Training Prices.

The Online Nutrition Program is a great deal at $250 for the eight week program. There are details on the tab above entitled "Online Training."

Corporate Training Prices.

I do teach some larger group classes on-site at different places of business. For example, you and your co-workers might want a body-sculpting class after work or during lunch. Or a Yoga class. Or Pilates. You get the idea.

These classes are quoted individually, based on location and number of students. Please call me if you are interested in one where you work!